The mission of 2D Fluidics is to produce high quality graphene and carbon nanomaterial products for export globally.

2D Fluidics utilizes Vortex Fluidic Devices and related technologies to process crude graphite ore and other carbon materials in order to produce concentrated streams, under continuous flow, of graphene and carbon nanotubes with desired physico-chemical properties. Such properties include, for example, graphene sheets or platelets of defined (narrowly-distributed) size, composition, or functionality. The technology exploits mechanical vortexing and the formation of controlled thin films that enable chemical processing with no, or minimal, solvents and other by-products.
Originally developed as part of fundamental research supported by government grants, the development of the Vortex Fluidic Technology has now matured to the point where, in addition to its use in production of valuable materials, it is also manufactured by 2D Fluidics as part of Vortex Fluidic Devices that are offered for sale to research customers.

2D Fluidics’ ultimate vision for the Vortex Fluidic Technology platform is to established it as a key technology in the international market for both chemical research equipment and also the industrial production of novel materials. Within 10 years we envision thousands of research laboratories around the world making use of Vortex Fluidic Devices in research, and dozens of companies using Vortex Fluidic Devices to mass-produce novel materials for use in hundreds of different products.