2D Fluidics drives the commercialisation of the Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD) technology invented and developed by Professor Colin Raston at Flinders University’s Institute for NanoScale Science and Technology, and is the exclusive developer of graphene and carbon nanomaterial processing applications and related materials production.

The VFD enables new approaches to producing a wide range of materials such as graphene and sliced carbon nanotubes, with the bonus of not needing to use harsh or toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process that are otherwise required for conventional graphene and carbon nanotube processing.

This clean processing breakthrough greatly reduces the costs of, and improves the efficiency of manufacturing, these new high quality super-strength carbon materials. The key intellectual property used by 2D Fluidics comprises two patents based on the production of carbon nanomaterials.

2D Fluidics uses the VFD and related technology to prepare these materials for commercial sale and supply to both the plastics industry for applications requiring new composite materials, and the electronics industry for circuits, supercapacitors and battery applications.