The Vortex Fluidic Technology has been designed and developed with flexibility in mind.

This is achieved via a modular, extensible architecture that allows other capabilities – in the form of attachments – to be added to the basic functional unit of each Vortex Fluidic Device.

Some of these possible attachments and additional inputs include:
  • Plasma
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Real time UV-visible and fluorescence spectroscopy

Other field effects are being developed to expand the capability and versatility of the VFD.

The attachments allow different energy inputs into thin films being processed by a Vortex Fluidic Device and this permits different types of processing to be performed under different conditions, depending on the nature of the application. The user will appreciate that depending on the attachment being used a Vortex Fluidic Device might be used for both continuous synthetic processing and real-time analytical measurement.

2D Fluidics offers the following attachments for sale:

[Attachment list to be updated soon.]