2D Fluidics is currently focused on generating engagement with customers across two distinct areas, Research and Commercial.


In the research space, we seek to collaborate with partners to develop novel applications of the Vortex Fluidic Device in order to explore novel chemistries.

We are interested in working with research customers as part of broader research collaborations where appropriate and to develop new applications of the device where possible. As part of this, we offer the Vortex Fluidic Device for sale to research customers globally.


In the commercial space, we seek partnerships with companies that require high-quality, high-purity carbon nanomaterials for use in next-generation materials and products. Under these partnerships, 2D Fluidics will enter into a supply arrangement to provide the partner with desired volumes of graphene or carbon nanomaterials for use as desired. In general, this will involve:

  • Discuss the physicochemical properties of the desired materials.
  • Review the feasibility of producing and supplying the desired volumes.
  • Supply material samples for evaluation and testing purposes.
  • Begin regular supply of materials to partner per required specifications.
If you are interested in becoming a Research or Commercial Partner, please contact Peter Youd:

   +61 1300 660 448
   +61 1300 855 044
   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.